Who We Are

We are a custom manufacturer of indoor trampoline park and entertainment centers.

TMMOR LLC focuses on fun, safety and health for young and old.


TMMOR LLC prides itself on the manufacturing of family safe trampoline facilities that off hours of entertainment and exercise. We manufacture all the features of the park right here in the US including the steel structure, safety side nets, pads, mats, air bags and redundancy safety nets.

After Market Products

Business Opportunities

Join the TMMOR LLC family and deliver world-class sports training, and plenty of fun, to young athletes. 


We’re currently looking for experienced owner operators who would like to co-own and run their own trampoline park facilities.

Parks cost between $600k to $2.5 million. They generate between $100k to $250k per month in revenue with a net profit of $60k to $120k per month. Your investment would be paid off in 24-36 months. After that, you would then be banking 80 to 90% or the monthly net revenue.

This is a ground floor opportunity market with only 300 parks currently operating world wide, expected to expand to 5000 parks operating world wide in the next 10-12 years

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Our staff

Robert Alberoni

Robert has been in the industrial sewing machine industry for 40 years and specializes in the fabrication of sewn products and industrial sewing equipment. Robert operates as the company CEO and manages day to day operations.

Dennis Smock

Park designer and manufacturing manager. Dennis has been involved with the manufacturing of indoor trampoline parks since the inception of the indoor trampoline industry which started in 2009. Dennis has participated in the manufacturing of 20 indoor trampoline parks to date.





For Existing Park Owners

We offer park reconstruction and design services, including nets, pads, mats, steel and redundancy safety nets.

After market triangle rings, 'D' rings, and springs in 5", 7", 9", 10 & 12" also available.